Crowd Modelling and Planning Tool (CMPT) – LETSCROWD Tool Videos #4

The CMPT is a collection of advanced crowd simulations that allow enforcement agencies to analyse crowd behavior at mass gatherings for planning, training or operational uses.

When should the CMPT be used?
• Before a mass gathering occurs to understand likely situation and risk, to plan or test LEA responses to potential incidents, to plan or test crowd management strategies.
• During operation of a mass gathering, in real-time to aid operational decision making by providing a forecast of crowd behavior.

What should the CMPT model?
• Crowd movement patterns and density levels that are expected at an event.
• Evacuation of the mass gathering.
• Crowd management strategies (e.g. rerouting crowds).
• LEA intervention tactics.
• Communication strategies (placement of information sources).


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LETSCROWD improves the safety of crowds during mass gatherins through the development of a set of human centred tools for LEAs.

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