Cooperation for a smart, connected and secure society

Cooperation for a smart, connected and secure society

By Dr. Sebastian AllertsederUniversity of Applied Sciences for Public Service in Bavaria – Department of Policing.

The University of the Bavarian Police and the Bundeswehr University Munich recently started a cooperation.

Both Universities have been working in the field of smart, connected and secure societies for a longer time and have already finished national and European-funded projects with strong relations to this field.

The project franco-german project RE(H)STRAIN (Resilience of the Franco-German High Speed Train Network) is an example of the work of the Bundeswehr University during the last time. The projects aim is to improve the public security by giving the operators of the train the possibility to react quicker to possible attacks. In addition, the improvement of the dynamic risk assessment during these potential attacks is one of the major goals this three year project. Potential evacuations of passengers, which are always a big risk, can be planned, simulated and organized in a more precise way.

This the big parallelism between the RE(H)STRAIN project and Lets Crowd. Although, Lets Crowd is not dealing with critical infrastructure as such, dynamic risk assessment is a big issue for our project. Other parallelism are the crowd modelling part, which also allows precise predictions about the potential crowd behavior and the possible tactics for an improved security during large events and the analysis of big data.

The role as a Law Enforcement Agency partner in the Lets Crowd project allows the University of the Bavarian Police, to share experiences with the partners and to work on better solution for new challenges in globalized world. The newly built boundaries with the Bundeswehr University will additionally help to include substantial input by learning from each other.

The possibilities for an improvement of law enforcement, opened by new technologies, Big Data analysis and digitalization, are only rudimentary used at the moment. The huge amount of data and the complexity of these phenomena are changing the traditional work of the police. However, if intelligence is, according to the great scientist Stephen Hawking, the ability to adopt to change, police is required to adopt to these new phenomena and use the possibilities given by the new technology. Projects like Lets Crowd contribute to this process by offering a new and innovative alternative to traditional police work and static risk assessment. The Bavarian Police is very proud to be part of this journey and to contribute to the smart, connected and secure society.