Ertzaintza and LETSCROWD at “Police and Society: New security challenges” International Seminar, Madrid

On Sunday 15th October 2017, the International Seminar organized by the Fundació Bosch i Gimpera and the Universitat de Barcelona took place in Madrid with the title Police and Society: New security challenges.

Auditorium of Hotel Melía Castilla. The seminar participants were, among others, 300 students of the Investigation Police of Chile, accompanied by their instructors and officials, who have already completed their three-year training program and who are on a study tour in Europe before joining the service.

The Directorate and responsible of the inauguration of the seminar was Dr. Manuel Martín, from the University of Barcelona. In the chapter “Today’s Resources in Research”, Dr. Diego Torrente, Professor of the University of Barcelona, ​​presented the paper “Security Challenges and Social Networks“, pointing out how factors as globalization and technologies have transformed the demands of security, threats and opportunities.

Dr. Isturitz made a sketchy review of the different technologies available for the police and security services in his presentation “Technological resources of the current police” with a special emphasis on the integration of systems.

In the “Risks and Security” chapter, Commissioner Ertzaintza, Iosu Alonso, gave a presentation on “Risk analysis in large events“, the evolution of the methods used and the current trends in Europe regarding the analysis of risks in events with large gathering of people. In this context, and in relation to Social Networks, semantic web, Big Data and analysis of video images, the LETSCROWD project was presented, in which Ertzaintza participate as partner of a consortium of 16 partners integrated also by 6 other European LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies).

The last speaker was Mr. Joaquím Fernández, from the School of Public Administration of Catalonia, who dealt with the “Current Security Perspectives”, showing the diversity of approaches and the relativity of the concept of security.

The moderator of the seminar was the criminologist Mrs. Isabél Loinaz, finishing it with the delivery of diplomas to the assistants.

Finally, the closing ceremony was held by the Chief of the Police Delegation PDI of Chile.