Semantic Intelligence Engine (SIE) – LETSCROWD Tool Videos #2

Semantic Intelligence Engine (SIE) – LETSCROWD Tool Videos #2

The Semantic Intelligence Engine (SIE) tools allows gathering, monitoring and analyzing information published in the Web about a mass gathering before and during a given event.

This tool enables the security analysts to filter out a potentially huge amount of related information about an event that is irrelevant from a security point of view, allowing them to focus their analysis on a subset of pertinent web resources. The SIE main benefits include the flexibility to add new sources of information thanks the modular design of the Web Crawler that is based on specialized plugins. In addition, it eases the analysis of the web information by transforming the text into structured data that can be inspected in a dashboard that allows a security analyst to see all the information at a glance and drill down into the details whenever necessary.


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LETSCROWD improves the safety of crowds during mass gatherins through the development of a set of human centred tools for LEAs.

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